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Weather Update**
Thursday, March 5
Evening classes cancelled
due to inclement weather.
We will be offering make up classes for all the ice & snow days. Schedule with the front office. Please be patient, as it will take several weeks to accommodate everyone.

Results are posted here for
Treviño's 2015 T&T Invitational Meet


Gymnastics is the building block for all sports.....
We believe that gymnastics training is the single most important phase of physical education and training in the development of young athletes. The general conditioning, agility, body awareness, and flexibility that are essential skills to the sport of gymnastics are equally adaptable and beneficial to all other sports. It helps to create a strong foundation in which young athletes can build upon as they mature into other sports. Gymnastics also teaches valuable life lessons such as discipline, self confidence, and perseverance. It is a sport for everyone and extremely beneficial for children of all ages.

Flipping Clinic
(Enrolled Students Only, Ages 5 & up)
March 28, 2014
12:00pm - 1:00pm

Register At Front Office
(Please include student's FULL NAME & current month's class day and time when registering online)

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